Speaking Of Caregiving

Every Wednesday at 5:30PM, Senior Resource Association’s new 30-minute talk show airs on 107.9FM and 1370AM, and again each Sunday at 7:30PM on 107.9FM and 1370AM. Speaking of Caregiving is dedicated to addressing the unique challenges and emotions facing today’s caregivers. Caring for a loved one is a complex issue and can be stressful. Whether you’re caring for a spouse or you are a child of an aging parent in need of round-the-clock care, the topics addressed each week will provide helpful advice, support and available resources.

Previously aired radio shows are conveniently archived here. Simply click and play your topic of interest below – anytime, anywhere. If you or someone you know is interested in being a featured guest on “Speaking of Caregiving,” please contact Angela Bosman at 772.569.0760 or info@sramail.org.

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