SRA Public Guardian Program of Indian River County

Guardianship is an agreement authorized by the court under which a person (guardian) has the legal right and duty to care for an incapacitated person (ward).  The court may also authorize a guardian to manage an incapacitated person’s property and financial affairs under an agreement called a conservatorship.

Senior Resource Association is the organization contracted by the Office of Public & Professional Guardians (OPPG) to provide public guardianship services to persons in Indian River County who do not have adequate income or assets to afford a private guardian and there is no willing family or friend to assist them.

Through a guardian appointed to each case, an individual care plan for medical and mental health treatment, social services and residential placement is established and filed with the court on behalf of our clients.



  • Preparation and filing of legal paperwork required for guardianship
  • Attend Court hearings
  • Miscellaneous legal issues
  • Selling real estate, motor vehicles, and other assets when required
  • Probate matters including administration of estates



  • Making and approving medical decisions, including setting and attending medical appointments
  • Making appropriate end-of-life decisions such as hospice or court-ordered DNR when it’s in the best interest of the ward
  • Authorizing or monitoring medications
  • Arranging nursing home placements
  • Arranging in-home services for the wards
  • Working with family members
  • Oversight and arranging for purchase of personal items
  • Setting up prearranged/prepaid funeral services



  • Open and maintain bank and/or trust accounts
  • Receipt and payment of ward’s bills
  • Obtain and/or maintain health insurance coverage and other benefits when appropriate
  • Serving as Guardian of property
  • Serving as Representative Payee handling receipt and oversight of Social Security benefits
  • Serving as VA Fiduciary handling of Veteran benefits

For more information about SRA’s Public Guardian Program, please contact us at 772-569-0760.